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How was TINO'S Born?


Florentino Guevara

- Chef
- Pastry chef
- Decorator
- Friend!

My name is Florentino Guevara, originally from Tehuitzingo Puebla, a Mexican who began his history in the United States for approximately 25 years, always with the dream of being someone capable of making another person happy, tasting my dishes that I love to prepare with so much love.

The dream of progressing in the world of cooking led me to work in the facilities of President Clinton, where I worked for five years dedicating myself to the kitchen and the creation of banquets that included everything from small decorations to large fruit works. This experience gave me the confidence to found a business to offer my knowledge demonstrated in the famous Mexican snacks, from 2015 until now we offer a wide variety of flavors of natural homemade ice cream and the recognized Mexican snacks that will make you feel something. special.

We also have banquet service for special occasions, leaving our mark on the flavor of the holidays!

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